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Our sports nutritional supplements help you take your workouts to the next level. Our products are specifically formulated to improve explosive energy, endurance, and major gains.

About Me

Hey, I’m Colton, owner and founder of Jittery Squirrel products. I’ve always enjoyed working out, particularly doing cardio and lifting weights. However, growing up in small-town Preston Idaho, I could never find a good pre-workout supplement with nutritional value and a great pump. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere on the market, I decided to create my own. Jittery Squirrel was born! Like you, I was looking for a product that wouldn’t fill me with unnecessary caffeine and leave me feeling burnt out and tired. Jittery Squirrel is just the opposite: it has just enough caffeine to get you started and all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to keep you going. Jittery Squirrel products are great for building muscle and recovery for all your everyday workouts. I hope you enjoy my products!
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